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What We Do To Your Clock


1. Estimate- When you bring your clock in, if a clockmaker is available, we will inspect your clock, remove the mechanism, and provide you an analysis and estimate, FREE OF CHARGE.

2. The first step in the clock repair process is total disassembly of the clock mechanism and removal from the case.

3. The clock restoration then starts with a thorough cleaning of each individual component in our state of the art ultrasonic cleaning machine.

4. Bushings- the points on the plates of the clock mechanism where the clock pivots have worn through the brass are painstakingly replaced using a professional clockmakers lathe.

5. Pivots- The pivots, the delicate end of each gear, is then professionally polished, one by one, on the finest jewelers lathe available.

6. Mainsprings- The mainsprings are either replaced, if quoted, or taken out and cleaned.

7. Re-Assemble- The clock is then put back together and tested for timekeeping and chime functions.

8. Completion- Only if your clock has gone through our testing process successfully, we will then call you and arrange pick up, providing any history or directions specific to your timepiece.