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What We Do & Don't Do


Each repair is done on our premises by our trained master clock repair technicians. Clocks are not sent out for repair, unless previously authorized for some type of out of the ordinary repair, or custom part, or case work.

We use a variety of cleaning methods specific to the repair job. Our shop is equipped the latest, state of the art cleaning equipment and solutions.

Each clock is disassembled, inspected, thoroughly cleaned and adjusted. All pivots are polished and burnished as necessary. Old bushings (bearings) are drilled out as needed, and new, bronze bushings are installed using a professional clockmakers bushing tool. Each component of the clock is then thoroughly inspected after cleaning and before reassembling.

All movements are properly lubricated with the highest quality synthetic clock oils and greases. These materials will not gum up, or evaporate like natural lubricants, and then tested to insure accuracy. Depending on the complexity of your clock, the chime, strike, calendar, and any other auxiliary functions unique to your clock are then thoroughly tested.

After your clock is reassembled, we take the necessary time required to make sure your clock is keeping the correct time, and is as accurate as allowed by the quality of timepiece.

We also provide case polishing and repair, and can arrange for full case restoration if desired.


We will not do partial jobs, make parts for the trade, or provide repair on low grade, poor quality clocks.