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Grandfather Clock Pack and Move Services for Los Angeles County

Do you need professional help making sure that your beloved grandfather clock survives the relocation? With over 30 years of experience, Perfect Tyme will expertly pack, and/or move your valued grandfather clock for you.

You can book our Pack & Move package locally in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, and Riverside County. We get your grandfather clock prepared for professional movers to help you take it out of state too.

All Grandfather Clock Pack and Move Services Include:

  • Weights, key, and winding crank sealed in a custom-made grandfather clock Styrofoam box
  • Pendulum removed and sealed in a custom-made cardboard pendulum box
  • Chime rods, pendulum leader, and mechanism fully secured for transport
  • Exterior properly prepared for the move, placed in a custom-made grandfather clock carton, or prepared for professional movers

Professional Help Moving Your Beloved Grandfather Clock

Moving somewhere new within Southern California?
Perfect Tyme will arrange a time to pick up your grandfather clock from your home anywhere in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino County, or Riverside County. You can even return it to our shop to assess the condition of your mechanism, and either clean and oil or - if a complete overhaul is required - provide you an estimate for the repairs. We also take pride in cleaning and polishing the case. And then, when we return the clock to your new home, it will be restored to its former glory. This same service may also be utilized for remodels when it becomes necessary to move the grandfather clock out of the house.

Moving out of Southern California?
Perfect Tyme offers varying grandfather clock packing services. We can schedule an appointment to come to your home and professionally pack your treasured grandfather clock—antique clocks included. Services include factory packing your clock in a grandfather clock carton or preparing the clock for professional movers to transport.

New to the area?
Do you need your grandfather clock unpacked and set up properly? Perfect Tyme offers a variety of unpacking and set up services. Call our office to discuss your options and receive a complimentary estimate.

Packing and Moving by Perfect Tyme in Southern California